How long are the appointments and how much do they cost? Oh, and do you meet with people in person or online?

Each session is 50 minutes long and $200.

Charnell and Jennica meet with clients in their office in Tampa (in person) and online (video call).

Ellie only meets with clients online (video call).

Can you give me some information about the building and your office?

Our office is in Tampa in a three-story building located at 4100 West Kennedy Blvd. There is a large parking lot in the back of the building. You can enter the building from the front or the back of the building and there is an elevator (and stairs) that will take you up to the second floor. We are in suite 230 at the end of the hall.

When you open the door to our suite, you will enter our lobby which is where you can wait until your counselor gets you for your appointment. There is a white noise machine playing in the lobby to provide privacy to those in session.  You may bring noise reduction ear plugs if this noise is unsettling for you.   There are two lamps in the room.  There are no windows and no fluorescent lighting. We do not have any additional scents, such as candles or oil defusers, throughout the office. In our lobby there is a gray couch you may sit on if you would like.  We have some stimmy gadgets you may use on a coffee table and a lot of books about autism too that you might like to look through.

When you enter our office, there is a nice light brown leather couch for you and a green chair for the counselor.  There are no florescent lights and there are two lamps.  There is also a large window that offers natural lighting and a view of a parking lot.  There are no additional scents. The walls are plain and white.  We have a coffee table with lots of stimmy gadgets to use during session if you would like.

Do you accept insurance?

No, we do not, but we recommend you check with your insurance company (if you have insurance) to see if you can be reimbursed by your insurance company.

I am an adult and I think I am autistic.  Do you diagnose?

No, we don’t. We do not provide formal diagnoses of Autism. If you suspect you are Autistic and are interested in pursuing a formal diagnosis, we can offer referrals to professionals who offer neurodiversity affirming comprehensive psychological evaluations AND are equipped to diagnose Autism in high masking adults. 

While we do not formally diagnose, we do offer in-depth, structured interactive assessment that may be used to explore Autistic traits in teens and adults.  Again, this is not a formal diagnosis, but it can offer a wonderful opportunity for individuals to reflect on how their experiences and ways of being align (or don’t align) with different aspects of being Autistic.

Do I need to get a formal Autism diagnosis to identify as Autistic?

Nope.  While there are still many reasons why individuals are obtaining formal evaluations, there are also many reasons why adults are increasingly not doing so and instead choosing to self identify.  If you self identify as Autistic and have begun living life with this new lens, Congratulations.  We have no doubt that it was a long road that led to your decision and that it included many hours of research and self-reflection.  We hope that many questions you have had your entire life have been answered.  Of course, you may also have many new questions about what this means for different areas of your life.  We are here to help you in that process if you find you need additional support.